Want an Empowered Birth?

Mar 21, 2018

If you are wanting to do what you can to avoid birth-related trauma [to have an Empowered Birth] or you've ever felt a pang of sadness or regret when you think about something that happened while you were birthing your baby, then please listen to this interview with the authors of a book called "How to Heal a Bad Birth."


This is not a discussion about how you should or should not give birth, or that places judgment on how your baby decided / wants to come into the world. This is a conversation about the FEELINGS some women (and men!) have about their birth experience.

Mama - you're not the only one who is feelings those feelings. And those feelings are not a reflection on who you are as a mother, or on how your baby was born.


This interview reminded me that you can have what might sound like the "perfect birth" and still experience trauma. You could have what might sound like a "traumatic birth" and feel that it was perfect. It is all about how YOU feel - whether you felt supported, empowered, safe... 


I believe that the future of our planet depends on the health, happiness and well-being of mamas. So every thing we do at MTRNL is intended to make you feel loved, supported and strong - through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Birth is AMAZING no matter how it happens. Regardless of whether your baby comes into the world through your abdomen; your vagina; with medical intervention or without; at home or in a yurt or in a hospital; YOU are amazing. YOU are FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!


Don't doubt it, mama. You rock!!


There is no universe where anyone has the right to judge you or make you feel judged for the choices you make. 

Regardless of how you give birth, it is a BIG deal. And you're going to do it with grace and beauty. Your way. Perfectly. Mindfully. The way your baby wants to be born...


If you feel like you want to do some work to process any previous birth experiences, especially as you prepare to give birth again, then please check out this book. And don't be a stranger. Reach out if you need any support.



If you are feeling inspired to envision your birth experience - to dig into the deep desires that may be aching in your heart that are telling you what kind of experience you would love to have - then you can download our 'Birth Intentions' exercise for free here.


And if you need help wrapping your head around what kinds of empowered birth experiences are possible, then please check out a couple of the books on our "Birth Books List". Download for free on this page.


Finally - you will find the article that Deb refers to in the video here on their "Birth Trauma Truths" blog. (This includes an excerpt from their book.)


Sending you SO much love.


Namaste, beautiful mama! 

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