Some love for your Pelvic Floor

Oct 28, 2017

Before you commit to a daily kegel routine, I highly recommend finding a pelvic floor physical therapist who can give you insight into how strong or weak your pelvic floor muscles are. (Many women I speak to are surprised that there is a physical therapist that specializes in, let me clarify, yes, I did say pelvic floor physical therapist :-))

In some cases, there might be one area that is stronger than another - which may make that area dominant. Overusing one set of muscles can cause them to become fatigued, or super tight... This is important information to have during and after pregnancy.

This simple tutorial shows you how to engage your pelvic floor by using your feet. Make sure to stand up tall while you practice this, and take a moment afterwards to observe how your pelvic floor feels, and see if you can allow it to relax as you gently lower your toes to the floor...

Here's the video:


Namaste, beautiful mamas!


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