Getting RAEL about our lady parts (and the products we expose them to!)

May 19, 2018

Wondering how to reduce the amount of toxins that your baby is exposed to? Wondering how to improve the overall health of your vagina after having a baby?


You may have read my articles on MBG about why I decided to switch to a menstrual cup (and how happy I am that I did!) but what should you use to keep your pants dry if you are pregnant, or in your fourth trimester?

You'd think that one of the benefits of being pregnant is that you don't have to worry about getting your period for nine months (and perhaps not getting it for another nine months after pregnancy, if you're anything like me...!) 

There is SO much they don't tell you before you get pregnant! Mucus plugs?!! Bloody shows??!! LOCHIA!?? 

We spend all this time researching the best way to diaper our babies in cloths. Now - with the ingredients of tampons and pads being questioned - we have to wrap our heads around natural, organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly personal hygiene products.

Don't worry. I am confused too. So I decided to ask an expert.

I got to speak with the CEO of Rael last week, because I wanted to ask her about what conceiving, pregnant and new mamas should know about organic feminine care products. 

Listen to this interview if you have ever wondered:

- Should I be using a feminine hygiene wash?

- Why should I own a pair of period panties?

- How can I reduce landfill?

- What are tampons made of?


[According to comments from women who listened in to the chat, you'll learn a few new things that will prepare you for pregnancy and beyond, while possibly changing your perception of the fluids we encounter in our underwear, and cause you to reconsider what products you expose your lady parts to...]

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