Pregnancy-Safe Cold Medicine

Sep 15, 2018

Looking for an alternative to taking over-the-counter cold medicines, or those dehydrating nasal decongestants, to help relieve a stuffy, blocked nose? Here are 7 ideas for you to consider...that don't involve garlic ;-)

1. Rest really is the best medicine - particularly when you are making a HUMAN with most of your energy

2. Chat to your doctor about what is safe for pregnancy - call the nurse and ask for how each of the over-the-counter brands are rated for pregnancy

3. Get your hands on some eucalyptus oil (and something to mix it into, like apricot oil)

4. Try the foot stretch in my tutorial below, which is intended to help clear congestion

5. Get into a warm epsom salts bath, with eucalyptus oil in it

6. Drop some eucalyptus oil into the corner of your shower floor, then get into a hot, steamy shower and inhale the awesomeness

7. Sip on hot chicken bone broth; add some fresh cracked pepper if you can

8. Steal the humidifier from the kids room, and keep it (on!) in the room where you are healing


Get some rest mama! You will feel better soon. Promise.



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