Baby Massage!

May 03, 2017

You wouldn’t say no to a massage right? Babies love massage too!

My 2yo and 3yo are still asking for a massage after their bath. (They don't get it every night these days, but when we do it, we all benefit!)

It’s never too early or late to start a massage routine with your little human. (If baby is still in your belly, then you can practice on a doll...)

This Saturday we're hosting a 30min workshop to teach a simple sequence of massage techniques that are safe, wonderful and soothing for you and your babe.

These techniques can help
 Soothe a gassy tummy
 Prepare baby for bed time
 Relieve muscle tension
 Encourage good proprioception (body awareness)
 Clear a stuffy nose
 Soften dry skin and
 Further develop your bond.

It is also really good for developing baby's brain. (Yes, massage can make you smarter...!)

Both parents are encouraged to learn this massage sequence, so that you’re both confident and empowered to give your babe the gift of touch. (And once the baby is sleeping soundly you can use these techniques for yourself!)

This class usually costs $35 - but we're offering it for free to give you an opportunity to experience MTRNL LIVE.

Register here.


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