A Pose You Need to Know for Labor

May 26, 2018

Do you know which yoga poses you need to know for labor? Did you know that some poses can actually help you during contractions?

Picture this... You're a few hours into intense contractions, and your intuition (or your doctor) is telling you that baby's head is not aligned properly on your cervix. He is coming through on an angle that is not going to work for you. 

You ask yourself, or your care-provider, what your options are to move the baby into an optimal position. What are the pros and cons of those options? Are there any alternatives to consider?

Add "Auspicious Pose" to your list of options.

(And sign up to do this class in the MTRNL Library to learn the other poses you might want to add to that list of poses for labor.)

Here's a tutorial on how to do auspicious pose. 



Namaste, beautiful mama!



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