MTRNL is an online yoga studio that specializes in live, online, interactive pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga classes. 

You can do your yoga via live video, Facebook Live or on your own schedule via our digital library filled with dozens of unique, specialized classes.

You are going to feel SO MUCH BETTER after class. (Can you feel your achey body thanking you already?)

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed - or your money back! (see terms and conditions at point of sale for details)
  • MTRNL LIVE classes will give you the opportunity to share how you’re feeling, what you need, what your baby needs, and the class will be personalized for you accordingly.
  • You’ll get the class you need in that moment, and the opportunity to hear from other mamas who are going through similar experiences. Women who get you, respect you and appreciate hearing how you are.
  • It's really easy to attend a class - it's like having a yoga instructor come to your house.
  • No more worrying about commuting, parking or babysitters just so you can get the exercise, relaxation and self-care that you need and deserve.
  • $5 is donated to a maternal health charity every month on behalf of every monthly member.


Blair Fillingham founded MTRNL after her Seattle students said they missed the prenatal yoga she taught when she moved out of the city. Blair realized that more women could benefit from her style of prenatal and postnatal yoga if it was available online via interactive video.

Blair's students say that MTRNL classes not only give them relief from their aches and pains and discomforts, but make them feel loved, supported, strong and balanced. THEY FEEL BETTER AFTER CLASS. They feel better equipped to go back into the world. To give birth. To be a mother. [More about Blair at www.blairfillingham.com.]

MTRNL offers 45-min LIVE prenatal and postnatal classes every week. The video technology that MTRNL uses allows for everyone to see everyone (but if you'd prefer to be off-camera you can do the class via Facebook Live.)

Every class is recorded and stored in your MTRNL Library, so if you can't make it to the live class, you can practice the class afterwards at a time that suits you better.

The MTRNL Library has classes in many categories, so you are always going to find a class that appeals to you regardless of whether you're feeling strong, tired, achey, crampy, cranky or have a specific ailment that needs some attention.  

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is recommended for most pregnant women these days because it can prepare your body for giving birth, while providing numerous other benefits such as improved sleep, reduced stress/anxiety and increased strength – all while alleviating the various discomforts of pregnancy.

MTRNL LIVE Prenatal Yoga classes start with a group check-in, where you can share how far along you are and how you’re feeling, and hear from the other pregnant women in your class. From there, your teacher, Blair, will deliver a yoga class that addresses how you are feeling that day, so that you leave class feeling better.

Because of the video technology we use, Blair will be watching you as you practice, to advise you on modifications or ways to improve the integrity of your poses.

These classes also offer precious bonding time for you with your little human. He/she benefits from these classes too!

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga is ideal for most women following childbirth, up until to 6 months* postpartum, but anyone who has given birth will benefit from attending – even if it is two years postpartum.

Postnatal classes provide space for you to really connect with your post-bump body, while helping to alleviate all of the aches and pains that come with breastfeeding, disturbed sleep, pelvic floor healing, weak abdominals and recovering from giving birth.

MTRNL LIVE Postnatal Yoga classes start with a group check-in, where you can share how baby is doing and how you’re feeling, and hear from other new mamas in your class. From there, your teacher, Blair, will deliver a yoga class that addresses how you are feeling that day, so that you leave the class feeling better.

Special attention is given to ensuring each woman is doing the poses that are right for her that day.

*Relaxin, the hormone that allows your pelvis to open up during childbirth, may still be in your system up to six months postpartum, which increases the risk of injury. This is why postnatal yoga is recommended for at least the first six months.

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