What is your reward going to be?

May 12, 2018

"Mommy, please don't go!"

Nobody cried, but we got close. I wondered if I should just cancel the trip and stay home. It would be easier on all of us. 


This post is to get you thinking about why setting goals requires knowing how you are going to reward yourself for achieving those goals.

Yesterday morning, my beautiful 5yo held onto my leg, gazing up at me with her sparkling blue eyes and begged me not to leave.

My 3yo’s tiny fingers wrapped over the car door, with the window down, and stood on her tippy toes with her lips outstretched for one more kiss before I backed out of the driveway.

Oh, the heart ache. Leaving my babies for the weekend is such a fascinating catch-22. The guilt is washed away by the incredible feeling of being loved so deeply by such perfect little humans.


I have just arrived in Leavenworth to co-host the M’Ohm Retreat at the Sleeping Lady.


To be honest, I haven’t been looking forward to it. Until now.


I now understand why so many of us resist booking retreats. Taking time out of our routine to completely switch off IS HARD. Switching gears requires ENERGY.


Even when we know how incredible it is to lay by a pool after a soothing massage, inspiring yoga class and brunch with other mamas….getting to that moment takes a whole lot of effort. Childcare needs to be arranged. Hubbies need to be scheduled. Work needs to be put on hold.


So I was resisting this retreat because I am so so so busy right now.

Oh the irony. This is exactly why I booked this retreat – because I knew I would need some downtime in the middle of this busy-ness to recharge and sustain my energy through the final six weeks before summer holidays start.


What was I thinking!?? 😊

Actually, I was thinking that if I achieved some of the goals I set for myself this last month that I would book myself an epic massage. So that is what I have done. Once I wrap up the retreat, I will be checking into the spa and rewarding myself for all of the awesome goals that I’ve achieved this year. YEAH!


What rewards do you set for yourself? Not just goals – but REWARDS when you achieve those goals?


Take a moment to visualize yourself savoring that reward. Feel all the feels. Breathe it in. Believe that it has already happened.

Then get to work, mama.

Perhaps just start with setting a goal of practicing one yoga class this week – live or via the library. And then please promise me you will give yourself that reward asap.


Some reward ideas:

  • A scoop of guilt-free ice-cream
  • A Netflix binge
  • A new book
  • A massage
  • A massage from your partner
  • A long Epsom salts bath with aromatherapy
  • A holiday
  • Another yoga class!


I am sure you can think of much more creative ideas. On my list for next month is spending time in a floatation / sensory deprivation tank! (Gulp!) Apparently floating in a dark tank is THE best way to relax completely. I want to confirm that for myself.


Lots of Love from Leavenworth. Hope to see you by the warm rock pools next year!


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