The Chair Snow Flow

Feb 24, 2018

Whether you're digging your heels into sand or snow right now, give yourself the gift of some fresh air and feel your strength and grace as you flow through this chair pose.

I highly recommend putting a block between your legs regardless of whether you are pregnant, postnatal or a super-yogini - so if you don't have a block with you on the slopes or at the beach, then use a rolled up towel or a thick scarf or something light and squishy (would a snowball work perhaps?) 

I love to incorporate this sequence into my prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga classes - and because it is online yoga, that mamas are doing at home, we often have to improvise with what props to use :-) 


Let's go outside and breathe in the nature that surrounds us!

(My Guru, like many of the yogis and wellness authorities, say that we need to spend at least 15mins a day "with nature". I have consciously been trying to do that for the last few months and it makes SUCH a huge difference to how I feel.)

Namaste, beautiful!!


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