How to strengthen your back (and bum!) without separating your abs

Apr 14, 2018

When you want to do some yoga, but your mid back is aching, or your wrists are hurting, or you have separated abs (most pregnant and postpartum women do!) then try doing your yoga poses against the wall.

Here is a tutorial on how to do a leg wag pose against the kitchen bench, bathroom sink or wall.


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This asana should be practiced slowly, with an emphasis on moving your leg back and forth in a straight line with your toes pointing at the floor. Don't "crank" your neck, or force the movement in any way - simply having the intention to move, with attention on the subtle feelings in your glutes and lower back, while keeping your ribs knitted in, will do more to knit your core together than thousands of sit-ups.


PS - don't do sit ups when pregnant or if you have diastisis recti, always get in and out of a laying position by rolling to your side first.  Namaste!!

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