A DownDog flow that I LOVE

Feb 17, 2018

I attended a yoga class last week where the teacher lead the group through a series of sun salutations - even with a couple of pregnant women in the class. I am not a fan of sun salutations during pregnancy, particularly when most classes move way too fast for most pregnant women to safely "keep up".

If you are pregnant or in the fourth trimester / postpartum, then instead of going through the whole namaskar flow (updog, down dog etc), try doing the sequence in this video instead.

You're going to be working just as hard, but with much less risk of injury or separating your abs...


And if you want more ideas for how to modify your yoga practice, email me or come to one of my online prenatal yoga or online postnatal yoga classes. (I modified a power yoga flow class through two pregnancies and learned a lot!)



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