Oct 09, 2020

Meet Ki Mary, a beautiful yogini mama who is joining the MTRNL community to teach a regular BABY GYM class.

The class is for mama and baby - so everyone will feel strong and stretched and in good mental health after 45mins of yoga guided by Ki.

Ki’s desire is to share her knowledge of yoga, ayurveda, and circus/flow arts, with children, mama’s and the unlikely yogi, to cultivate deep connections to ourselves and each other.

“When we take the time to connect and nurture ourselves it changes what we have to offer. With self care you begin to cultivate more energy and clarity. With more energy and clarity it becomes easier to change your life and the world around you.”

Ki is a traveler and life enthusiast. She believes by supporting yourself you can do what calls to your heart in life. Even as a child she could feel that breath and self study were important.

It wasn’t until Hawaii called her to dive into yoga that it’s true transformative power began to reveal itself. Through Open Space Yoga, Still and Moving Center, and the Himalayan Institute she discovered the connections to what her heart had always known and the ancient knowledge of the sages. With Youga Yoga and the Yoga of Trust she learned how to connect this knowledge to the modern world and have fun doing.

Other hobbies include but are not limited to; hugging, cooking, dancing, loving, learning, outsiding, playing, and growing. To connect on any of these topics reach out at [email protected] or KI Mary on Facebook.

[MTRNL members receive the Zoom link to access this live + interactive class on Saturdays at 8am Pacific Time.]

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