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MTRNL is an online prenatal and postnatal yoga studio, making thousands of mamas around the world feel loved, supported and strong.

To be MTRNL is to know that your instincts are powerful.

To join MTRNL is to experience world-class prenatal yoga & postnatal yoga in the comfort of your home.


We've got SO MUCH LOVE to share with you! 

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MTRNL is a virtual prenatal & postnatal yoga studio with face-to-face group video classes.  

If you can't make the live video class, then you'll have access to the extensive library of class recordings and our private FB Group where all classes are streamed.

We'd love to meet you!

We specialize in personalized online yoga.

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MTRNL is a tribe of real, beautiful mamas from around the world. 

Through prenatal and postnatal yoga we create space and time to tune into our maternal strength and wisdom, to create balance and share a whole lot of love.

So that you can share that love with the ones YOU love.

Let us make you feel awesome.

"I feel amazing. I am so glad I made the time to come to class." - Jo

Do you want to live in a world where every mother is given the time, attention and space she needs to realize her potential? Where every mother can trust her instincts, feel how she feels, experience real pleasure and believe in her awesomeness? It isn't complex. We just need to make the time. Love yourself. Change the world. For real.


MTRNL classes are intended to NOURISH you. Not deplete you. Our mission is to spread that love with as many mamas as possible - so we donate $5 to a maternal health charity every month on behalf of every member.


“Prenatal yoga with MTRNL was the perfect way for me to get away from my everyday stresses and focus on connecting with my growing baby. I need to have another baby to have an excuse to take another MTRNL prenatal class!” - Dawn


"MTRNL classes not only provided the physical outlet I needed, but were also a loving, supportive place to bond with others and share. I always looked forward to classes and walked away from each one feeling loved and strong. Thank you!!" - Shaeleen


"The ability to continue some type of workout while being this far along in my pregnancy is both encouraging and invaluable for me and the baby. I feel better prepared for labor and delivery and I also feel just overall better after every class." - Amy

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We've created a simple exercise for you to begin preparing your ideal birth experience. Clarify what your heart desires most, so that you can set that intention into motion...

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