We'll help you to feel cool, calm and collected. So that you can get on with doing all the incredible things you do.

Experience the yoga glow at home

Simply enroll now and you will have 7 DAYS to do unlimited prenatal and postnatal classes for free. We have classes for everyone - regardless of whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogini. You will FALL IN LOVE with how zenned out, strong and stable you feel after class. If you don't FEEL THE GLOW, cancel anytime. No judgment. Just love.




The world's only interactive, online yoga studio that prepares women for BIRTH

Do you want to fully embody your pregnancy and new mama glow? To feel comfortable and confident in your ever-evolving body before birth AND afterwards?

Mama, welcome to MTRNL yoga. We believe that every woman has inherent strength and instincts that will make her childbearing years the most incredible years of her life. We provide mamas with the tools needed to:

  • Feel at ease in your pregnant body and say goodbye to hip and back pain
  • Make space for feeling, growing and transforming during pregnancy
  • Unify your mind, body and spirit to birth with confidence and power
  • Restore your body after birth - regardless of how baby is born
  • Knit your abs back together after birth, giving you a core that you adore
  • Tone your pelvic floor so that you can get back to doing all the super-woman activities you love and never worry about peeing when you laugh again...

MTRNL offers hundreds of interactive, online prenatal and postnatal classes that empower you to take your pregnancy and postpartum wellness into your own hands.

  • Together, we can make your MTRNL years some of the most rewarding years of your life.
  • This is why hundreds of mama swear by MTRNL and many doulas/midwives/doctors insist their clients try our classes.

  • In fact, leading OBGYN's like Dr Ali Lewis from UW Medicine did our classes during their own pregnancy.
  • Our members include SO MANY EXCEPTIONAL WOMEN - scientists, engineers, business leaders, pilots, dentists, doctors, veterans, doulas and midwives. 
  • These are women who understand how important it is to prioritize well-being and strength - particularly through these challenging child-bearing years.
  • Many of these women had never tried yoga before they were pregnant. They tell us regularly that they are SO grateful to have a yoga practice as part of their journey through motherhood.

"I feel amazing. I am so glad I joined MTRNL." - Joanna Jenkins, CEO and mother of two

Like you, we want to feel cool, calm, centered and STRONG. We can show you how to develop your strength in a way that honors your pregnant or postpartum body.

Why Some Workouts are Dangerous

Pregnant and Post-Pregnant Bodies Require Extra Special TLC

Traditional workouts focus on one thing - burning calories and pushing you to your edge. They often leave out the mind/body/spirit connection and do not take into consideration the unique needs of the pregnant and post-pregnant body. They often miss the important role of preparing you for birthing (and recovering from birthing) your human.

Yes, you end up with a good sweat. But also a fatigued spirit., a weakened pelvic floor and splitting abs known as diastasis recti.

This is not a good strategy for feeling sustainably good in your pregnant body, birthing confidently or feeling back at home in your beautiful post-pregnant body.

MTRNL solves this problem by leading challenging classes led by instructors who will help you tune into your body and explore its creative capabilities while at the same time ensuring poses and flows are appropriate for your specific condition, and your specific stage (and DAY) of pregnancy.

If you join us in a LIVE class, instructors will offer personalized adjustments and poses that are tailored to YOU.

If you can't attend the live classes, we can refer you to specific classes in our MTRNL Library (or you can use the search function to find a class that suits you that day).

Simple. Safe. Strength.





Goodbye Traditional Workouts, Hello MTRNL

Yoga literally means Union. Of your Self with your Self. Heart and Mind. Body and Spirit.

There is a reason that nearly 20million people practice yoga in the United States. And there are many reasons why not all yoga is not always safe - particularly for pregnant and post-pregnant women. Through movement and breath work MTRNL classes guide students to safely develop a loving relationship with their body and make space for FEELING as you explore different postures.

As you prepare for birth and find your way through motherhood, you have a unique opportunity to look within and explore your creative powers. as you are gestating and keeping a human alive, you are challenged with an opportunity to see the pure potential of your own life.

MTRNL supports you as you find and strengthen your Inner Self. This is the You that is fiercely loyal to your family, deeply connected to your intuition, balanced in your softness and strength, playful and courageous.

MTRNL mamas are the mamas who reach for more. Who lead. Create. Do. Get it DONE. Love HARD. Give generously. Serve with their talents. Who honor their maternal strengths AND weaknesses.

Through our 30-45min live and recorded classes, you build strength physically, mentally and spiritually.

The result?

Your body, birth and life will transform in extraordinary ways.


Find out why MTRNL has won so many awards through delivering on our mission of making extraordinary mamas LIKE YOU feel CALM and STRONG.

What Science Says about Prenatal Yoga

Studies have revealed surprising and amazing results for women that practice prenatal and postnatal yoga. After reading these you'll know you must engage in your yoga practice starting today.

  • One study found that women who practiced prenatal yoga had on average a shorter birth by 2 1/2 hours. All three stages of labor were shortened for the women who practiced yoga.
  • Another study found that women who practiced prenatal yoga reported half the pain during labor than those who didn't practice yoga.
  • Women who practice prenatal yoga are less likely to be induced AND less likely to have a c-section.
  • Another study found that babies whose mothers practiced prenatal yoga had improved birth weight and fewer babies were born preterm.
  • Another study found that when yoga was combined with meditation or breath work, mothers were less likely to suffer from postpartum depression and had a decrease in the severity of their symptoms.

We have first hand watched our yoga mamas transform their birth anxiety into glowing confidence as they engage in class.

MTRNL: Featured in all the places where the awesome mamas go.

Fall in love with your post-pregnancy body

We want you to Adore Your Core

Have you ever heard of women feeling defeated after their baby is born about the "mommy-tummy" that never goes away no matter how much they exercise? Painful sex? Peeing when they laugh or sneeze? 

These are not badges of honor you have to walk around with the rest of your life.  

These are all signs of diastasis recti and possibly even a pelvic floor prolapse.

2 out of 3 moms in the US experience diastasis recti (the splitting of your abdominal muscles) and the struggles that accompany it.

We can help you prevent this by teaching you the correct exercises to do before and after baby has arrived to knit your body back together to be stronger than ever before.

When your body is moving functionally, you will also birth functionally, decreasing the risk of damaging your pelvic floor.

Your body literally is creating a new life, let us help you move more functionally and feel  better in it while you accomplish this magnificent job.

Say no to peeing when you sneeze!

Meet the Mother of MTRNL

Blair is a remarkable woman. She is obsessed with the idea that every mother should feel loved, strong and supported.

When Blair moved from downtown Seattle to a homestead in the country, her prenatal yoga students missed her. Instead of asking busy moms to drive an hour to come to her, she knew she could find a way to bring yoga to them.

In the next 9 months Blair conceived and brought to life the idea of MTRNL, a revolutionary online yoga studio that would make world class prenatal yoga classes and postnatal yoga classes accessible to every mom.

Thousands of moms have benefited from her vision and dedication. She won Entrepreneur of the Year from the International Business Awards in 2018, 'Made It Mom-preneur' 2017 from Romper.com and was featured as 'Geek of the Week' on Geekwire.

When she is not working on MTRNL, you can find her enjoying beautiful afternoons playing outdoors at her homestead with her 2 girls, sheep, pigs, ducks and dog, and preparing for the upcoming birth of her 3rd child.

If there was anyone that embodied the maternal energy of motherhood, and deep love for others, it is Blair.

What MTRNL Teachers love about MTRNL...

Blair is in good company. Meet the other yoginis that are bringing the MTRNL vision to life. Go to our schedule page to register for a class with these beautiful women!

Stephanie Hoverson

Stephanie is on a mission to share the MTRNL love with as many mamas as possible! Her number one priority is raising her two boys, and preparing for baby #3 - but she also has lots of love to share with you in her weekly MTRNL Prenatal Yoga class.

Brit Ewry

Brit is on a mission to ensure women feel truly supported through fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. She is a doula, birth educator and psychologist.  Brit hosts the weekly MTRNL Talk class where she shares her pearls of wisdom and addresses the issues, questions and challenges faced by our community.

Bianca Bloomfield

Bianca is on a mission to give young girls the tools of yoga so that they can step into their power, calm their busy minds and love their bodies. She works in numerous yoga studios with children of all ages, and teaches the weekly MTRNL Kids Yoga class.

Suzzie Vehrs

Suzzie is on a mission to ensure every woman understands her inherent power to birth and raise babies with strength, dignity and love. She is the author of 'Divine Birth' and hosts our weekly guided meditation class. Her words and soothing voice are good for the soul!

Want to meet these inspiring yoginis?

You will find their classes in the library once you join MTRNL, and you can attend their weekly live classes too!

How MTRNL Live Classes Work

Members have access to LIVE & INTERACTIVE online prenatal and postnatal classes every week. And a library with hundreds of class recordings, so you can do a class EVERY DAY (if you really want to ;-)).

MTRNL classes are available via a few different ways

  1. INTERACTIVE: Attend the live class via Zoom so that we can see and chat with you
  2. LIVE STREAM: Watch the class live via our FB Group, or join the Zoom class and ask to be off-camera
  3. LIBRARY: Choose a class from hundreds of recordings, categorized so you can find what you want easily

The INTERACTIVE video technology that we use (called Zoom) allows for everyone to see everyone so you have the feeling and community of a live class. After you register for a class on our schedule, you will receive a personalized link that you'll use to access the class at the scheduled time. Easily join the interactive class from your laptop, ipad or phone. The Interactive class will usually go for about 45-60mins.

The LIVE STREAM comes directly from Zoom, so you're seeing in Facebook what is happening in the virtual studio. Do the class with us in real time, or scroll through later when you have time and space.

The MTRNL LIBRARY gives you instant access to all of the live classes that we've recorded over the years. You can access at whatever time works best for you. Our recordings are usually betwen 25-45mins.

Our Library has classes that help you focus in on areas such as relieving back and hip pain, bonding with baby, connecting with your strength, mental preparation for birth, and restoring your body post birth.

We are confident that you are always going to find a class that appeals to you regardless of whether you're feeling strong, happy, motivated, tired, achey, crampy, cranky or have a specific ailment that needs attention.  

Regardless of how you feel at the beginning of class, you are going to feel AMAZING afterwards.

What You'll Get When You Become a MTRNL Member...

Weekly live prenatal and/or postnatal classes with access to certified instructors

We've made sure that all of our teachers are not only certified yoga instructors with 200 hours plus training, but also certified in prenatal/postnatal yoga. Bringing you the safest, most individualized classes that you can't find anywhere else online.

An extensive library of classes available to be streamed from your computer or phone any time

Prenatal & postnatal yoga becomes extremely accessible when you can have it any time any where. You no longer have to dig through studios online to find a class that is quality, affordable and a reasonable distance to you.  This library of classes brings yoga to you wherever you are. We've even had students send pictures of doing classes on their patio, their bedroom, nursery, office and kitchen!

Individual answers for your individual needs

Not sure if you're doing a pose right? Feeling pain in your wrists? Have knees that bug you and need extra protection? We are here to help you make yoga work for you. (Don't worry, we don't take it all TOO seriously. As long as you are safe, comfortable and enjoying the yoga then we won't boss you around ;-))

Access to the MTRNL community

Join a global community of moms stepping into their power, discovering their creative capabilities, nurturing their bodies, birthing and raising their babies. Together we share the journey and lift each other up. (Most of us are in the Facebook Group, but we're too busy to post every five minutes so your feed won't be bombarded with our love notes ;-)) 


The mamas come for the yoga, and stay for the awesome free extras.

Sign up for a MTRNL membership and also get:

  • WEEKLY GUIDED MEDITATION CLASSES: Meditation classes help you relax, unwind and enter into that space where you can release your fear and anxiety and replace it with glowing confidence and surety.
  • MTRNL Talk Classes and Childbirth Education: Got fertility/pregnancy/birth/ parenting questions and don't quite trust Dr Google? Join this class to ask questions and learn from our resident psychologist/ doula/birth educator/fertility geek - Britney Ewry. Just listen in, or join the conversation. 
  • KIDS YOGA: Have a toddler that needs to be entertained so you can take a break? Or want to engage in a meaningful bonding activity together? Check out our weekly kids yoga.

All of these extras are worth the membership price alone - you would pay $20 per class, each time, but instead you get these classes for FREE when you sign up for MTRNL today.

How it works...


You enroll now for MTRNL yoga and get 1 week of unlimited classes for FREE.


You establish a regular routine - perhaps one live class per week. While many of our yoginis have a daily yoga practice, in some of the studies that showed benefits women only practiced once a week for 6 weeks. Even if you are busy, you can benefit from engaging in these classes whenever you can. No rules, no expectations.


You feel yourself become more in tune with your body, relieve aches and pains, and feel your confidence to birth and raise your baby soar all while having fun and diving deep into your own pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.



You can literally be doing your first MTRNL class within five minutes from now... Why procrastinate any longer? Let's get started, yogini!


Did we really drop the price by $108 a month?
We did.  Though access to all the classes we offer would individually cost much more than $150 a month,  we wanted to bring prenatal yoga, meditation, and quality birth education to as many moms as possible. We dropped the price as low as we possibly could.

Another reason for the drop, we want to get your feedback on the classes. We ask that you email us after you've completed your first 6 classes to share with us your story. And it's not just $108 discount, you also get your first week free to test out our studio risk free and enjoy the special discount if you decide to be a part of our community.

Do I really get birth preparation classes, meditation and kids yoga for free?
Absolutely. Our studio was built on the foundation of yoga for moms having babies. As we were teaching, we saw other ways we could help women step into their birthing power, mama power and radiate with joy. We have happily added all of these features to our membership to make sure moms in our community feel totally supported and are totally able to dive deeply into and enjoy their pregnancy, birth and recovery.

How exactly does MTRNL work?
MTRNL yoga is the first and only live and interactive online studio that help you prepare for and recover from birth. You login to a live class from your computer or choose a pre-recorded class any time any where.

Our classes focus on four key areas: deep love for our body, childbirth education, making space for feeling and assuming the practice of non-judgement.

Through these areas we help you develop a strong relationship with your body where you will be able to feel your strength and your capacity to birth and raise your child. You will have space and time to feel into your emotions, learn what they are trying to tell you,  release your anxiety about birth and parenting, and gain the practical knowledge you need to rock your birth whether you birth vaginally or through c-section.

You will love how your post birth body begins to feel like a new home just for you again, able to return to all the things you love after we carefully teach you how to restore your abs and pelvic floor.

Classes ranges from 30 to 60 minutes so that you can easily fit it into your daily or weekly routine.

How many classes should I do?
A yoga practice is deeply personal. Many yoginis have a daily yoga practice - but that can take years to cultivate. In most of the studies referenced above, prenatal yoga was practiced once a week for 6 weeks. Even if you are busy if you can commit to once or twice a week you can improve your health, reduce pain in labor and shorten your labor. We applaud you for making time for self care in whatever amount is right for you. We are also sure that once you complete your first 6 classes, you will be so in love with the way you feel you will never look back from the yogi lifestyle.

Do you guarantee it will work for me?
Yes, it is quite simple, you have a week to try all the classes before your card is charged. If you decide at any time this studio isn't for you, cancel at anytime. And if you really hate it, we will refund you. :-)

Sign up.  Engage in classes. Create a regular yoga routine. If you don't feel more calm, confident, supported and strong - simply cancel.

If you're skeptical, try the free week anyways because you have 7 days to prove yourself wrong.

So click the JOIN NOW button and try your first class today! 


"I feel amazing. I am so glad I joined MTRNL."

Joanna, mom of two

"MTRNL classes not only provided the physical outlet I needed, but were also a loving, supportive place to bond with others and share. I always looked forward to classes and walked away from each one feeling loved and strong. Thank you!"

Shae, mom of two

"The ability to continue some type of workout while being this far along in my pregnancy is both encouraging and invaluable for me and the baby. I feel better prepared for labor and delivery and I also feel just overall better after every class."

Amy, mom from Wyoming


We donate $5 every month on behalf of EVERY member to a maternal health charity.

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